Six Furlong Track

Our track has a long history of excellent maintenance and safety. It works equally well for starting a young horse or bringing back a layup.


Padded starting gate. Long straight away for early bursts of speed needed to remodel bone.


Barry Berkelhammer oversees programs for every individual horse. His philosphy is consistent, slow and steady to build the body and the mind.

Exercise Riders

Our Riders are salaried so there is never a need to hurry. Each horse gets all the time it needs and has the consitency of a regular rider.


Our training barn is exceptionally well ventilated with large stalls and a wide shed row with plenty of room to warm up or jog in bad weather. The farm has 5 additional barns with a total of 118 stalls.

Swimming Pool

Our state of the art swimming pool was built after a great deal of research. It allows a break from the track while continuing to build muscle and lung capacity. Each horse is accompanied by at least 2 experienced men.