We take pride in creating the "big picture" with a full range of professional services including:

  • Assessment of potential (Buying and Selling)
  • Appraisals
  • Racing stable management
  • Partnership and syndicate management
  • Assistance in trainer selection
  • Owner / trainer liaison

Barry Berkelhammer has the knowledge and proven ability to select successful sale and racing prospects. He has advised his clients in the purchase of many top performers, including multiple Grade 1 Stakes winners and contenders in the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, Breeder's Cup, and Dubai World Cup. Some of the outstanding individuals purchased at public auction: ASHADO, HARLAN'S HOLIDAY, FANTASY LAKE, MAXIMUS MISCHIEF, OSCAR PERFORMANCE, THOUSAND WORDS, BRADESTER, JOYFUL VICTORY, and 2023 Kentucky Derby contestants ANGEL OF EMPIRE, JACE'S ROAD and CYCLONE MISCHIEF.

Our program combines selecting the superior individual and then developing the young horse into a winning athlete. Combined with the facilities of Abracadabra Farm we can precisely and consistently build a racehorse. We are proud of our graduates, please visit our HIGHLIGHTS PAGE

"I handpick out all my horses the same way. I look at the overall group that's on the grounds, and I try to find the horse I think is a balanced athlete and well-proportioned. I want them to have a package that fits together and to have a long, lovely walk. I also look for the horse that seems smart and has a good attitude. When these babies get to a sale, it's a new environment for them. You can see some of them kind of wither. They're worried, and they're nervous. Then there are others that seem to say, 'Wow, this is a lot of fun.' They take it all in, and they enjoy the interaction with people. When you come back and look at them over and over again, they still have a positive and perky attitude. Those are the kind of horses I like to buy." --Barry Berkelhammer


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